Took a car from Negombo to Kandy. Very friendly, with multiple stops at interesting sites along the way. Kind offer to email us advice for any areas of Sri Lanka that we visit. Very comfortable and new hybrid car. Highly recommend. 

- Paul and Alyce

 Our guide and driver how has taken us round the island safely and shown us lots of good places. If anyone need a good guide contact Lovely Jubbly 

- Mats Dahlberg

 Hope life is good for you. It’s been an incredibly busy time since my return to Brighton!

Positive Feed back: . Friendly guide. .Comfortable vehicle . Beautiful scenery . Good food at lunch stop . Opportunities to stop when we saw something interesting . As a Tour Guide it may be more professional to have a top with the Name of your business & logo along with your name and a specific colour, it would help to advertise yourself while on tour and help your passengers recognise you when separated. . It would be advisable to spend at least 30minutes each meal time sitting with your clients and having a drink of some sort, it will increase their trust in you along with giving them and yourself an opportunity to talk about the trip so far and show integrity and appreciation with having them on your tour. . Give the passengers a survey at the beginning of the tour as it is a fantastic opportunity to gain feed back and gives them plenty of time to do it. . Having an iPad or Folder with printed information about the places you take your clients and definitely about Sri Lanka’s culture, history & cuisine would be a bonus too. Negative feed back: . Sharing to much personal information rather than focusing on the trip . Not enough information about provinces visited . More choices for guests at meal times . Offering an included refreshment stop on the return journey as well as the outward journey. I hope that helps. Sorry for the delay. Have a wonderful time increasing your business and improving the ways in which you run your tours. I had a great time. Just needs a few small adjustments to increase the professionalism and get more customers booking. Ayubowan my friend! Warm Regards Michelle   

- Michelle

 Fantasztikus napokat töltöttünk Srí Lankán! Élményekkel teli, csodálatos körtúrát szervezett nekünk! Mindenkinek szívből ajánlom, a legjobbat nyújtotta, minden kívánságunkat figyelembe véve! Nagyon örülünk, hogy rátaláltunk, felejthetetlen élményekkel és egy baráttal gazdagodtunk! Szeretettel: Monika és Tamas 

- Monika and Tamas

 Хотелось бы оставить свой отзыв. Прилетев в Шри Ланку, мы остановились в Негомбо на 1 ночь для отдыха и поиска транспорта, чтобы начать своё путешествие в центр страны. Нам повезло, мы встретили Сайнаса на пляже, он рассказал про фирму, и мы договорились об аренде машины с водителем на 3 дня. Водитель Мусми приехал утром в назначенное время. Проделали с ним оговоренный заранее маршрут Негомбо - Анурадхапура - Полонарува - Сигирия - Дамбула - Канди. Все переезды были очень комфортными, вёл машину аккуратно. Очень приятный и спокойный. Мы остались довольны! 

- Елена